St Andrew’s Singers

There has probably always been a choir at St Andrew’s Church, and St Andrew's Singers, the SAS for short, is the latest. We were formed in 2017 and the members range in age from 11 to 80 plus. We meet to rehearse music either on Friday evenings or Sunday mornings. We support the worship life of the church by singing anthems and hymns during the services. We vary between formally robing and dressing more informally. Sometimes we sit with the congregation, sometimes in the choir area. We contribute to all the important festival services, Christmas, Easter, Remembrance and Harvest. We are very happy to sing at weddings and funerals too. It's a great pleasure to support special occasions.

We have also performed in a concert during St Andrew's very successful Flower and Music Festival in 2019. A great experience and are looking forward to more occasions like it. We are open to all who would like to sing, from beginners to more experienced, younger and older people. There is no audition, we learn as we go along, developing our musical skills, learning a range of new music.

Please get in touch if you'd like more information. Louise Robinson conducts the choir and can be contacted on 01905 620995.